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To login or not login

If you want to edit the files in this Wiki, please click the Create an account or Log in in the upper right.

This is not terribly secure, but allows some accountability and control over what appears here.

If you just want to read the content, anonymous access is fine.

Creating/Editing Wiki Pages

The idea of a Wiki is that it is a "tree" of information that grows organically from the top down. When you are editing a page, you can decide that you need a new page to cover the information and you can simply put the name of the page into your text and then fill in the content of the page later.

Editing pages (including naming those new pages) is done with "markup" tags - see or There are formatting "buttons" for some of the standard word-processor formatting functions (bold, italic, underline) that will insert the correct "tags" for you. However, the main point of a Wiki is content, so don't get too hung up on the formatting.

To get an idea of what the markup tags look like, click any of the Edit links on the right of pages with multiple 'sections', or the Edit tab at the top of each page. You'll then see a pretty standard "edit" window with "save page" and "show preview" buttons at the bottom. [The edit tab brings up the entire page. The edit links work on a section at a time.]

See also the help page in this wiki where all are welcome to put tips and tricks that they discover while working with this software or consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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