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Posted since Phoenix

Info on the National Girls Collaborative Project
Includes a Handout on projects you can start from scratch in your branch. (Thanks to Dot McLane, the AAUW NGCP Liaison for NCCP for NJ, NY and PA.)
Be sure all the projects you know of that help get and keep girls interested in science, technology, engineering and math are registered with the NGCP program directory.
Info on the web site
Information on the new web site, the MSD and the Webmanagers Special Interest Group.
Announcements from the Association
See the news releases and the issues of Convention Today for updates on what happened.
Other notes and comments
The AAUW NC blog contains several articles on what happened in Phoenix, workshop summaries, links to info on other state web sites, etc.
Text messaging at convention
This is a report on a not entirely successful experiment to use text messaging and to get convention updates to the folks back home in "real time." Some of the text messages are still available for review.

Please let Nancy know if you have other links that should be listed here.

Notes for those preparing to go to Phoenix

Strategic Process Conversations
Keynote speeches from state conventions and more
Taste of Success Governance presentations.
See this site's Governance Resources for info on related displays at the AAUW 2007 convention
Boomers meeting
Saturday, June 30th at 9:00pm. in the Hyatt Networks Bar Patio. See the AAUWBoomers group at Yahoo! for more information.
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