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Welcome to the BBVX Wiki

This wiki is a collaborative environment for members to share ideas about using technology to benefit the mission. It will also be used as an "advertising platform" for training materials that explain different repositories and tools that will help members be more efficient and effective.

This wiki is a VOLUNTEER driven effort. Do NOT call the Helpline or any other contact at the Association if you have problems with this site. If you have a comment or would like to contribute, please contact the maintainers of this site.

Share your brochures and flyers

Many of us produce documents that would need only slight tweaking to be used by other states and branches. Let's share that work.

Brochure and Flyer Collection

Virtual Branch ToolKit

Virtual branches are popping up around the country. They have different goals and different structures. This ToolKit is an attempt to guide those who are interested in starting or rejuvenating such a branch through the options.

Virtual Branch ToolKit

Tech ToolKit

This is a new project started in Fall 2008 to assemble tech resources of interest to AAUW members. Feel free to contribute your templates, instructions, and more.

Tech ToolKit

Information from AAUW Conventions




Links for 2007 Convention in Phoenix, handouts, and other summaries

Current web resources related to AAUW

AAUW business card templates
Microsoft Word templates for AAUW business cards
Tips on using the MSD
The Member Services Database is now about two years old. How are you using it? What are your best tips?
WebManagers' Listserv Discussions
This is an archive of the Q&A on the AAUW Webmanagers' listserv. To subscribe to the list, see the instructions on
Continue to the Q&A
Subscribe to AAUW RSS Feed
Find out "what's new" without making an extra visit to
You can also follow @aauw on twitter to get up to the minute headlines.
Training Videos
The plan is to have several videos demonstrating tech topics of interest to AAUW members. If you'd like to help with this, please contact Nancy
Governance Resources
Here's an initial repository of different ways to organize AAUW states and branches.
Links to info that is no longer current, but may be of interest --particularly if you'd like to contribute to this site by making updates

Info on "wikis" and contributing to this web site

Getting Started Writing for the Wiki
How to add your own contributions to this collection
More about Wikis and such
Interested in the underpinnings of the software? Check these links.
Wiki facilitation wiki
Thanks to Beth Kanter for the pointer
Upgrades to this site
Check here if something's suddenly not working

What's BBVX? started in early 2005 as one member's contribution to the organization in order to support volunteer efforts to advance the mission. It is a demonstration area for new technology and a hosting plaform for various member-driven projects. Examples include:

This web site is not entirely without precedent. See

See also About BBVX.

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