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This is a project I've had in the back of my mind since my time on the AAUW Program Development Committee 2001-2003. It finally occurred to me that this platform might be appropriate to develop the concept further. It's likely a more "user friendly" platform will be needed to extend the participation to more of the tech-savvy members around the country, but in the meantime, here's a start. Feel free to add sections -- or to write a note on the discussion page to suggest a topic where you don't have all the info ready.

In 2010 Idealware published a Field Guide to Software for Nonprofits (updated in 2011) that has short summary articles on a wide range of tech topics that apply to AAUW branches and states. If you think it would be a good idea for AAUW to license this book for distribution as PDF as a member benefit, please contact us

The 62 page Lasa Technology Handbook is more comprehensive than the typical branch/state needs (and isn't an editable PDF - sigh), but it may be considered a checklist of tech issues.

Web Sites

  • It was announced at the AAUW 2011 Convention that AAUW will be providing hosting services for branches and states. This will be based on the WordPress multisite platform. While waiting for the general roll out, you may want to experiment with a hosted site. This won't, of course, have the AAUW specific enhancements that the AAUW platform will provide, but you can start
    • adding your local content
    • learn about the basic platform and how to make edits
    • begin to think about what structure you want for your site
  • For information on how to get started with the platform, see information from AAUW of Ohio that's been used successfully by several branches.
  • To join the conversation of branch/state webmanagers, write and say you'd like to subscribe to the webmanagers email list. [The list has connected memembers since 1999. Archives for the last few months can be found at

Social Media

Thanks to the Social Media Task Force (formed in 2009), more and more information is being posted with tips on how to use new media to advance the AAUW mission.


Other resources


Tool Suggestions from AAUW NYS Communications Team
Presented at 7/16/2012 AAUW NYS summer leadership meeting
The basics
Suggestions from Marsha Koch, AAUW MO
What every member needs to know
In order to fully participate in all the AAUW conversations
Controlling your e-mail
Tips and advice for making e-mail more productive
What else do you need to know
A list from 2006 that was an appendix to a talk on how to use the AAUW web site
Web site checklist
A web site can be a key tool for a branch/state. Even if one person is the primary contact, make sure a couple of others have the access information needed that would allow someone else to step in quickly.


Social Media Task Force members are working on content guidelines and best practices. Please share your tips and content.

PDF.gifHow to set up a Facebook Page Welcome tab Info circle.png, Ann Mackay - SMTF member

Training Sessions

Presentations at 2010 State Meetings

<swf width="800" height="600">/uploads/4/49/AAUWTX2010.swf</swf>

Webtools panel discussion, 2009 AAUW Convention
Presentations at 2007-2008 state meetings
AAUW TN, Harolyn Ropp, Scavenger Hunt
AAUW OR, Marilyn Mullanix, Tech Tools and Tips
AAUW MA, Hollie Bagley, Scavenger Hunt
Links for 2007 Convention in Phoenix, handouts, and other summaries


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