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This is a set of videos showing screen shots of using technology to help with AAUW efforts. The plan is to grow this collection, and volunteers are welcome to contribute their own efforts.

At the moment, these are to be considered "rough drafts" -- we haven't added audio or titles, we haven't tried to edit out missteps in the recording, and we aren't sure what software will be used to produce these in the future.

To view these videos, you need to install Flash - a quick and easy free download from the folks who bring you the Acrobat Reader. You also should have a relatively high screen resolution, larger than 800x600, or you'll need to scroll the browser window to see all of the movie. Setting your browser to full-screen mode may help. [To do this in Firefox, use View > Full Screen; in IE 7: Tools > Full Screen; or use F11 in either browser to go to Full Screen and back.]

When viewing one of the slide presentations, note the top right menu bar:


The icon to the far right will open the presentation full screen in a new browser window (or tab).

The other icons, left to right, are

  • Hand to use to "grab" and move the presentation
  • I-bar to click if you want to select text
  • Search
  • Slider to zoom in/out
  • Icon to return the screen to fit into the current window
  • Icon to expand the width of the screen
  • Set of icons to go forward/back through the presentation and showing what slide is being viewed
  • Print
  • And, again, the icon to display the presentation in its own browser window.

Adding AAUW Headlines to Google Home Page


This is an updated version of the information posted last winter.

For handouts to follow along with these slides, see the PDF.gif6 per page Info circle.png or PDF.gif2 per page Info circle.png versions.

<swf width="800" height="600">/uploads/e/e0/AAUWheadlinesOnGoogle.swf</swf>


  • If you want to tie this customized home page to your personal account (so you can use it on another machine), you'll need to "Sign In". See the Google Docs section below for an example of that.
  • The list of headlines at AAUW may not look like the ones in these slides. That's really the point! Those headlines are refreshed "automagically" when you revisit the Google home page.
  • You may want to review the slides with another browser window open so that you can follow along.
  • The key piece of information needed to go through the video is that the "URL" for the "feed" for the AAUW news is (note that's "xml" on the end, not "html").
  • One thing we didn't mesntion on the slides is that you have three levels of access to the news -- just the headlines, the snippet that you see when you click the "+" next to the headline, or the full story which you get when you click on the title link.

Getting Started with Google Docs

Here are some screen shots of registering and creating a first file with Google docs,

<swf width="800" height="600">/uploads/7/71/Googledocs.swf</swf>

Now that you have a Google account, explore the other options -- like adding the AAUW RSS feed to your iGoogle home page as demonstrated above.

See also <swf width="425" height="350"></swf> from Common Craft.

and these additional links

Managing your email

Having a hard time with your Inbox? Check out this 7/23/07 talk on Inbox Zero from Merlin Mann of 43Folders and other projects:


RSS Videos

RSS in Plain English

This short, well-done video presents from Common Craft the idea of "RSS" in a way that may help those new to the concept understand its importance. <swf width="320" height="240"></swf>

RSS Made Really Simple

Here's another video: RSS, Made *Really* Simple - from Marketing Profs Daily Fix

<swf width="320" height="240"></swf>

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