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This email list is now (as of Fall 2013) used very rarely. Most of the discussion has moved to

Here's a list of questions that were discussed on the Webmanagers' list in 2007-2008. An archive of the list (for messages since Nov. 2010) is available at mail-archive.com.

To subscribe to the list write webmaster@aauw.org.

Webinar: RSS
What does RSS (really simple syndication, rich site summary) mean for AAUW web managers. How can different sites share content? How can RSS help you as an individual navigate the overwhelming flow of information.
Presentations at 2008 state conventions
AAUW TN, Harolyn Ropp, Scavenger Hunt (see also AAUW MA version below)
AAUW OR, Marilyn Mullanix, Tech Tools and Tips
Using Facebook for AAUW
A group of members on Facebook has produced two documents.
New logos are available
Using blogger/blogspot to build a branch web site
Notes from the 2/13/2008 webinar giving a tour of the Kingston AAUW branch web site.
Info on AAUW in Facebook
Some members are experimenting with Facebook, partly as an alternative to mailing lists like this.
Linking vs Reposting Information
Advantages of briefly summarizing resources, then linking to them, rather than reposting copy
Reposting the AAUW Mission Video
An excellent video on AAUW is available at www.aauw.org and at youtube.com. Learn how to repost it on your website.
Training members on the new web site
Thanks to Hollie from AAUW MA for sharing her notes and a "scavenger hunt"
Info on republishing AAUW news on your site
When the new www.aauw.org launched on Sept. 17, it included an RSS feed for AAUW news
League Easy Web
Is it a model for us? AAUW Easy Web ideas
Using Joomla! to build a branch web site
This is just a stub. If you've got the skills to flesh it out, please feel free.
2-Tier Software has helped some states/branches jump into Joomla!, so before taking the plunge (the pool looks inviting, but the water's cold!), check on the webmanagers list for someone who feels that it's been successful. 2-Tier isn't accepting new clients at this point.
Using WordPress to build a branch web site
Just a stub at this point.
Web site key information document
Your web manager should provide a document that answers these questions.
Broken Links
August, 2007 - Recommendations of software for finding and repairing broken links.
Experiences managing a branch blog
See also discussion of Blog vs. website
Keeping up with e-mail
At least one person has dropped off the webmanagers list because of the intermittent high volume of the list. Here's a strategy that may make such lists more manageable.
Website Password Protection
Summer, 2007 - Ways to protect access and information on a website.
Group e-mail advice
Summer, 2007 - How/where to set up e-mail groups and how to set up policies
Blind/protected e-mail addresses
Summer, 2007 - How to set up e-mail forwarding so officer addresses aren't advertised to the world.
How to get listed on AAUW's list of branch web sites
Recommendations on website hosting
And a related post on What features are key in choosing website hosting?
Techniques for recruiting/training a replacement
The Sub-Domains thread has a component where encouraging branches to use subdomains of the state site may be a way to identify/recruit/mentor replacement web managers. But this seems like an important enough question to warrant its own thread.

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